Founder Orlando Roche has been in the electrical industry since 1982 as a journeyman electrician since 1986 and has over 30 years in the electrical industry. He worked as an Electrical/Combo inspector for different municipalities for over 20 years and is certified as an Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Building Inspector with ICC.

But what really distinguishes us from others is not only our expertise and knowledge but our values. We are a family owned and operated business located in Sequim and serving Port Angeles and Port Townsend. We have practiced sound values for many years. Our services and support strongly echo loyalty, integrity, and honesty as our main principles. Adhering to these qualities for years has helped us to ensure the highest standards of service, and we have enjoyed customer loyalty that has propelled our business further. With our efforts carrying the above attributes, our services have emerged as a brand on their own. We continue to be that shoulder upon which our clients lean for all the support they need. With expertise in electrical installations for residential, commercial and industrial structures, our target market has always been wide. We have spent many years serving all kinds of customers, and we have aligned our services to fit their needs. We have emerged as experts, and we know precisely what you’re looking for when you contact us.

We are indeed looked up to in terms of not just being service providers, but inspectors and solutions designers. This automatically means that when we set our eyes on the challenges you face, we are not only keen on pinpointing the problems down to the last detail, but we endeavor to provide a solution that solves your fits your challenges comprehensively.

Our clients say the nicest things

"Orlando is very knowledgeable and helpful and a great person with lots of experience. We were very pleased with his work and easy to get in touch with. I highly recommend him!" - Barb W.

"He was great. He was knowledgeable and fast. He did a free estimate and did the job as scheduled. I'm extremely happy with my new charge station in my garage for my electric car. Plus, after shopping around, I know he charged fairly. I will definitely like to use his services for future jobs." - Kristi R.

"Our experience with Roche Electric & Consulting has been nothing short of exceptional!  Orlando is customer focused and understands the critical, and at times, last minute demands placed on business owners. We were down to the wire with getting everything completed in order to relocate our business, Orlando was able to get our project finished in record time. He never missed a beat from start to finish! " - Lora M.

Orlando did a wonderful job on the electrical work in our old home. He dealt with complicated problems. He answered all my questions and even followed up a week later to make sure I was happy with the work. He always made himself very available.  -Debra J.
Our house needed a ton of electrical work, including a new main service panel. We also wanted to make several changes that required new circuits; ceiling lights throughout, redesigned kitchen, added a 2nd bathroom, etc. Orlando took everything in stride, including many obstacles presented by my old house. He followed through to the end and was easy to work with. Definitely the best. - George G.